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yum exclude list for Exalogic vServers

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Recently I have been doing some work on Exalogic. While building a template for vServers on Exalogic I ran into an issue. After executing yum update following by a reboot, I wasn’t able to connect to the vServers anymore. This is caused by an issue with the network stack which, in the end, is caused by an documentation error.

It seems that the yum exclude list for vServers is not correctly documented , also Oracle Support Document 1594674.1 (Exalogic Virtual Environment – Guest vServer Upgrade to Oracle Linux v5.10 ) seems to be off.  The exclusion list that didn’t break the operating system after a yum update is:

exclude=kernel* compat-dapl* dapl* ib-bonding* ibacm* ibutils* ibsim* infiniband-diags* kmod-ovmapi-uek* libibcm* libibmad* libibumad* libibverbs* libmlx4* libovmapi* librdmacm* libsdp* mpi-selector* mpitests_openmpi_gcc* mstflint* mvapich* ofa* ofed* openmpi_gcc* opensm* ovm-template-config* ovmd* perftest* qperf* rds-tools* sdpnetstat* srptools* exalogic* infinibus* xenstoreprovider* initscripts* nfs-utils*

Written by Jacco H. Landlust

January 3, 2014 at 3:17 pm

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