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After reading the documentation and running RCU commandline for some time (mostly from a script I build) I felt confident about RCU. For a new environment I had to run RCU manually, so I setup the command:

$ ./rcu -silent -createRepository -connectString scan.area51.local:1521:rcuservice -dbUser SYS -dbRole sysdba -component MDS -component SOAINFRA -component OIM -component IAU -schemaPrefix DEV -f < /home/oracle/pass

and ran into this error:

Processing command line ....
Repository Creation Utility - Checking Prerequisites
Checking Global Prerequisites
RCU-6011:A valid prefix should be specified. Prefix can contain only alpha-numeric characters. It should not start with a number and should not contain any special characters.
RCU-6091:Component name/schema prefix validation failed.

Now this error surprised me to great extend. The parameters where all there, so what could cause this?  Some suffling around with the parameters learned me that this command does run:

$ ./rcu -silent -createRepository -connectString scan.area51.local:1521:rcuservice -dbUser SYS -dbRole sysdba -schemaPrefix TLTB1 -component MDS -component SOAINFRA -component OIM -component IAU -f < /home/oracle/pass

Turn out that the order of the parameters is of importance to rcu.

Hope this helps.


Written by Jacco H. Landlust

October 26, 2011 at 11:34 am