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reponse files for iam is broken

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When you run the silent install of iam with the out of the box response file you get an error:

[ERROR] Data Insufficient to start Install.
[ERROR] One and Only One of the following variables must be present

Variable Name:SKIP_SOFTWARE_UPDATES     Expected Value:true
Variable Name:SPECIFY_DOWNLOAD_LOCATION Expected Value:true
. Aborting Install

As the error shows, the response file for iam is missing the SKIP_SOFTWARE_UPDATES directive.

Just add SKIP_SOFTWARE_UPDATES=true to the .rsp file and you’re set to go.

The new file would look like this:

Response File Version=
#Provide the complete path of the Oracle Home. The Oracle Home directory name may only contain alphanumeric , hyphen (-) , dot (.) and underscore (_) characters, and it must begin with an alphanumeric character.
#Provide the complete path to a valid Middleware Home.
#Give the list of complete paths of all the valid Middleware Homes existing on the system.


Written by Jacco H. Landlust

August 12, 2011 at 8:34 pm

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