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hotsos 2011, the other days

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Somehow my WordPress app on iPad got fu-barred on the plane back home, two large draft blogposts got lost. That’s the last time I trusted just an app with a lot of content! Because of this I will cut my post short: after the anger of losing the content I can only recapitulate some highlights.

Well, in short hotsos-tuesday was all about statistics. The sessions were in the wrong order for me though. For me personally it would have made much more sense to first let Doug Burns and Maria Colgan explain the theoretics and after that let Margaret Norman show a real world implementation. I still don’t get why Margaret wrote her own implementation of degree input parameter for dbms_stats, but that’s probably my ignorance. All three sessions were great and I can advise everyone to look for the presentations online.

Another highlight of Tuesday was Tim Gorman showing a perfect valid example of how you can use AWR and ASH for more than performance tuning. An entertaining presentation, exactly the right amount of content for an end-of-the-day presentation.

Hotsos wednesday was interesting. I went to see Karl Arao, Toon Koppelaars (tip: great presenter!), Mark Farnham, Tanel Põder and did something I promised I would not do again: I went to see Tom Kyte. Tom was enormous entertaining, a true keynote presenter: way to go mr. Kyte.

Next I had to sprint to a cab (which I shared with Alex G.) to take my flight to Detroit, a 50 minute transfer and then off to Amsterdam.

All in all I had a great conference. It’s been a while since I attended a conference with that much technical content. Hopefully I will attend again next year for the tenth anniversary.

Finally, to conclude this post: Disclosure; I’m attending this year’s Hotsos Symposium without the help of any other program. The time off work, travel & accommodation is at my own expense.


Written by Jacco H. Landlust

March 21, 2011 at 10:04 pm

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