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OOW 2010 – Day 2

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Well yesterday ended disappointing. The cruise hosting the ACE diner left at 8:05 PM *exactly*. My cab got stuck in traffic causing me to arrive at 8:07 PM…. This left me with no other option then to turn in early. The upside of this is that I slept good, causing me to be fresh and fruity today.

After meeting with one of my clients, I decided to skip first session and to start my day at a session called Tuning Your SOA Infrastructure for Performance and Scalability. It covered a lot of anti-patterns in SOA which are less interesting to me as a DBA, although I know that loads of developers don’t think about these patterns. Basically Cary’s session on Sunday covered the same subject. Dear developers, please don’t write code fast, write fast code instead. A DBA (or let’s call it an Oracle Administrator from now on) cannot change code or tune code when the design is faulty.

Oracle WebLogic Server and GridLink for Exadata was a nice and interesting talk about what’s wrong with multi data sources in my opinion. (This topic is the same topic I am supposed to talk about at the next developer planboard symposium) Now Oracle will release a new product called GridLink which will fix these issues. I will not go into details in this blogpost, please visit planboard at october 5th to find out more.

After some excellent chinese food, criteria for selecting the restaurant: there need to be roasted ducks in the window and chinese people eating, I went to the OTN party. Many thanks to Lillian for providing me with a ticket for my girlfriend. Sadly enough the security guys didn’t know that bloggers, press and speakers should be granted access without a ticket. I wonder how many other people ran into the same problem. At the time I was at the gate (round eight) there were are least twenty. Anyway my girlfriend’s ticket went to someone else in line (rather one in then none) and after a quick stop at the Benelux Cocktail Party at Lulu’s I went “home” to catch some more sleep.


Written by Jacco H. Landlust

September 21, 2010 at 4:25 pm

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