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Late last night I arrived in San Francisco for Oracle Open World 2009.  Tough guy as I am, I met with Doug, Alex and Alexs’ wife for a beer (two actually). He was the smarter of the latter and sent me “home” at 2 AM, but not after drinking another beer at some pub (turns out we went to the wrong pub *again*, leaving Tim complaining about Doug bailing out). This morning I moved to the place I’m staying the rest of the week, courtesy of Anjo, and spent some time with Andreas.

*Argh*, this is turning into a soap opera! And this after having a discussion with Doug about groupies 😉

On a happy site, my schedule is packed from sunday ’till thursday. Loads of tech stuff (hopefully finally some *real* customer experiences with 11g middleware) and a lot of social events. I am not planning on winding myself up on the exadata stuff again, this year is mostly about WLS, clustering (yes, RAC too) and security for me.

Last note for now: I noticed you can actually buy a swine flu shot at Wallmart. For me as a Dutch citizen it is insane that you can buy medicines like that at a drugstore. God bless America….


Written by Jacco H. Landlust

October 10, 2009 at 9:48 pm

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